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Portfolio: Indigenous Fashion & Regalia

Since the age of eleven I have been passionate about sewing and beading. It has led me on a path that I could not have imagined. I have gained a deep appreciation and excitement for fashion and regalia design. There is an intimate relationship with the art that I create – a sense of ancestral connection. As a Kwakiutł and Sḵwx̱wú7mesh woman, I strive to represent myself, my family, and my culture in my work.


On display at the Vancouver Airport and Museum of Vancouver

Made of wool, cedar bark, traditionally tanned deer hide, dentalium and abalone shells, beads, hand dyed fabric, stones (lapis lazuli, azurite, amazonite, coral, lava rock, quartz, and jasper), chiffon, and tulle. This piece tells the story of Wazulis and brings awareness to colonialism’s destructive force on our land, resources, and culture but, more importantly, it tells a story of resilience.

Kanayu Kollection is an Indigenous fashion brand aimed at empowering Indigenous people, strengthening the art form, and passing skills to the next generation. Kanayu Kollection fashion is accessible for all people.


Rebecca presented her first collection "Inner Ancestral Strength" at New York Fashion Week, September 2022.

New York Fashion Week


Regalia is essentially what we wear to dance or in ceremony. Through designs, colors, and materials, regalia represents who we are, our communities, lineages, and our ancestral connections. It is a tangible connection to the ancestral, cultural, and spiritual realms.